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Amal HaddadSEO Tip: Stuck in a Keyword Rut? Try Ubersuggest!

by / Tuesday, 20 November 2012 / Published in Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization

Need some new keywords to help stir up creativity or enhance your PPC campaign? Try Übersuggest! Übersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool that perfectly integrates the use of Google Suggest and other suggestion services.

Übersuggest works by writing an initial keyword or term in the box on the homepage. Next, Übersuggest can take suggestions either from a traditional web search or from search topics like shopping, new, video, or search by language. From there, Übersuggest takes your base term and adds or subtracts various words and numerals, rearranges orders, and creates lists based on keywords that you may have never thought of on your own. You can click on each word to get further suggestions based on that term. With this free keyword tool you can instantly find thousands of keyword ideas, all compiled from real user searches!